I have several Perl scripts which I find useful when working with Fortran programs. They all have built-in man pages (e.g., redo --man), a feature which needs Perl 5.6.

The first group modifies your source code:

Note - these usually work on the kind of Fortran I write, but they have been known to do the wrong thing. DO NOT DELETE YOUR ORIGINAL CODE BEFORE CHECKING THE NEW CODE.
I also have tools for building Fortran makefiles using the X11 imake program and a Perl5 makedepend script.
These Perl slides were originally from Tom Christiansen. I have converted them to the LaTeX seminar style and added a few Perl 5 slides. These slides are from a short talk I gave about regular expressions, based on the Perl man pages.
Belorussian translation
Estonian translation

Kate Hedstrom
Last changed on: 27 April 2011